In the past almost 20 years, the group has successfully provided important and valued services to Dimond Branch Library.
1. Book sale & fund-raising– we sponsor a large ongoing book sale with low prices to encourage reading. Recently we led a successful campaign to raise over $50,000  for new library furniture in the renovation.
2. Encouraging donations–The Friends have coordinated the tax deductible donations of a number of community members. The donations have been used at staff request for chairs, books, computers, special shelving, and equipment.
3. Supporting library programs by paying for local activities. We fund most of the Tuesday evening family programs during the summer plus other special programs.
4. Political action like collecting signatures for petitions to support the libraries, speaking at city budget hearings, participating in city-wide library support activities.
5. Community outreach such as having a table to give out information at the Dimond Picnic in the Park and having another table with free children’s books at the Oaktoberfest to support library activities.
6. Adopting and maintaining the library garden including ivy removal, mulching , pruning and keeping the emergency exit area clear.


The Library Remodeling  has been completed & the library has reopened as of July 15, 2017. The new interior looks very different. No changes except for painting were made in the building itself. (No city of Oakland funds have been used in the renovation.)

  • Moving and increasing the size of the Children’s area
  • Installing better adult seating and  built-in charging ports for electronics
  • Creation of a new Teen Zone
  • New and larger information desk with two librarians
  • Installation of self-check out machines for books and materials
  • New carpeting, and a television for the  community room
  • Increase in size for the staff work area
  • New furniture from the successful local fundraising & foundation grants.