Renovation Project is finished!

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The Dimond Library renovation project started in  early January 2017 and  closed the library until July 15, 2017. It is now finished, and the library has reopened. . The renovation includes a new larger children’s area near the front window, a new teen area,a new quiet adult reading area with plug ins,  new carpeting, lighting, self-checkout, and new shelving. More details on the renovation are posted on our history page.  The Friends’ group has successfully led a fundraising drive for $50,000 for new furniture as well.You are always welcome to make an additional donation for library furniture and materials.  We greatly appreciate the community support.


Library Volunteers Wanted:

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Library Volunteers are currently wanted for a variety of different library activities.  Right now, we need volunteers in the following:

  1. Garden volunteer– The Friends have adopted the library garden and need a group of gardening volunteers several mornings a year to do gardening maintenance projects like pruning, mulching, ivy removal, etc.
  2. Special Events volunteers:  Help is needed staffing a Library Friends’ table at the Dimond Picnic in the Park,, the Library Reopening Celebration in August, and  Oaktoberfest & other community events.
  3. If you’re interested in any of these activities, please contact Karen @ or let the library staff know of your interest. You’re also invited to our next meeting!

Achievements of Friends of Dimond Library

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In the past almost 20 years, the group has successfully provided important and valued services to Dimond Branch Library.
1. Book sale & fund-raising– we sponsor a large ongoing book sale with low prices to encourage reading.
2. Encouraging donations–The Friends have coordinated the tax deductible donatons of a number of community members. The donations have been used at staff request for chairs, books, computers, special shelving, and equipment.
3. Supporting library programs by paying for local activities. We fund most of the Tuesday evening family programs during the summer plus other special programs.
4. Political action like collecting signatures for petitions to support the libraries, speaking at city budget hearings, participating in city-wide library support activities.
5. Community outreach such as having a table to give out information at the Dimond Picnic in the Park and having a scavenger hunt at the Oaktoberfest to support library activities.
6. Adopting and maintaining the library garden including ivy removal, mulching , pruning and keeping the emergency exit area clear.

7. New Library Furniture Fundraising-  we have just completed a successful community fundraising drive to donate $52,000 for new library furniture for the renovated library.

Renovated Dimond Library is OPEN!

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Dimond Branch Library is now reopened after a  major renovation project. Friends of Dimond Library have raised funds to purchase new library furniture in addition to these renovations. Come visit & see for yourself!

• A new, larger children’s area in the front of the library by the windows
• An adult reading section towards the back of the library on the right.
• A new teen section replacing the current children’s area in the back left.
• A new check out area with self-check out
• A new reference librarian desk with two librarians available to help
• New carpeting
• New lighting
• Repainting the interior of the library
• Upstairs community room will be carpeted and the wood paneling refinished.
• New furniture with more electrical outlets for electronics.